Make the most of your time and energy with simple productivity strategies for busy moms. 

If you have ever felt frustrated and defeated after a long day of doing ALL the things, but still feel like you didn't actually accomplish anything, this podcast is for you.


To help ambitious moms organize their time and optimize their energy so that they can accomplish their BIG goals and design a life they love. 

Our Mission

What You Can Expect

Weekly real conversations with women who have found what works for them in a variety of areas including productivity, home organization, wellness and more. 

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The Truth

When we align our days with our values, the sky's the limit to what we can accomplish.

The Peace and Productivity Podcast is a good mixture of            and            combined with the tools and systems.



I'm Sarah, a mom on a mission to simplify and create space in every area of my life. 

I help women clarify their priorities, optimize their energy and design rhythms that promote a healthy and consistent balance each and every day. 

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hey there!

- Laura lou e.

Love the way Sarah gives simple and applicable ways to live a life on purpose! She is easy to listen to and always inspires me to dream big and live intentionally! Tuning in to her podcast is always time well spent for me!"

"Inspiring and valuable:

- retta

I love how Sarah is so real and also passionate! She shares from her heart and loves learning from the women she interviews, then shares the golden nuggets! Thank you Sarah👏"

"So Inspiring!

- erica layne

I’m new to this podcast but already so excited! Sarah is so relatable, and I love her easygoing interview style - Plus, she asks really interesting questions! Thank you for this material, Sarah — It’s already making my life better!"

"Practical & Inspiring:

What matters to you? Like, really matters?

At the end of the day, you make time for what matters the most to you. If you're ready to get clear on your values and how to fit those into your day, check out my free guide by clicking on the iPad!

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