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and Your Simply Big Life is here to help you do just that! One day at a time, one step at a time, we all can create a life that brings us Peace & Productivity.

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A weekly conversation with real women who have found what works for them in a variety of areas including productivity, home organization, wellness and more! We are holistic beings, which means here, you will also find a good amount of heart and soul mixed in with the tools and systems.

The Peace and Productivity Podcast

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In a world where there is constant noise and distractions, I believe when women live in alignment with their values, they will curate a life of peaceful productivity and true fulfillment.
The first step is to identify what your core values are. 

Clarify Your Core Values Workbook 

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Cultivate your time, energy and focus. Learn the skills to thrive in every season of life. 

Peace & Productivity Planner  

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"Sarah’s teaching style and opinions are all so balanced. That doesn’t mean she isn’t passionate about what she does - because she is. But I love that she doesn’t come at you and tell you that in order to simplify your life, you have to fully embrace the most minimal of all lifestyles. It’s a breath of fresh air!"


I'm Sarah, a mom on a mission to simplify and create space in every area of my life. 

I help women clarify their priorities, optimize their energy and design rhythms that promote a healthy and consistent balance each and every day. 

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Clarify Your Core Values

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 The Peace and Productivity Planner 

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