The Peace & Productivity Planner

A lifestyle planner helping you to reconnect with your passion, your purpose, and your people all while tackling your to-do list like a boss! 

live each day with purpose and intention 

I believe that productivity is more than checking things off the list. When we are clear on our values and honor our energy, we are set up for true, aligned productivity. 

It's time to stop doing all the things and start focusing on the right things for you, in this season. 

you get to decide what a successful life means to you. 

real talk:

How It Works

Name, define and align your personal core values.


Identify and honor your current season of life.


Design your days to be in alignment with your values, vision and goals. 


I tried all of the planners and all of the traditional time management strategies.

Only to wind up even more overwhelmed and frustrated because I was essentially adding more to my already full plate. 
I constantly felt like I wasn't doing "enough" and was always exhausted. I get it. The struggle is real! 

i can help because i've been there

but there is a way out of the overwhelm. 

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Say hello to your peace of mind. The mental load of motherhood can be heavy. Having the right planner is not a magic bullet, but it is a powerful tool in your toolbox, that will help you to re-focus your most valuable resources on what matters most.

Are You Ready? 

Here's What You Get

more time for yourself 

Do you feel like there is never enough hours in the day? Do you find yourself constantly rushing and never quite able to catch up? 

More energy 

Are you always tired- even if you get "enough sleep"? Do you struggle to keep up with the pace of life and still feel one step behind? 

the ability to be present and enjoy your life 

Do you find your mind racing and drifting to work when you are with your family and then to your family when you are trying to work? Are you always trying to move onto the next thing on the list? 

"Sarah has an amazing way of helping you clarify your vision and goals."

Clarify your core values and create a clear vision for every area of your life. 

How does this sound?

Focus on your energy and learn how to check in with how you are feeling on a regular basis. 



what you get:

Embrace Seasonal Living and set aligned goals that help you to create a life you love. 


Design intentional rhythms to invite more ease into everyday. 


Plan each month, week, and day with intention, focusing on what matters most. 


Understanding growth mindset and permission to focus on one thing at a time. I can fall into comparing myself and my journey with others. This program helped me to find what is important to me.

discovered what matters most 

I was able to identify obstacles that are in my way of achieving goals. I feel more equipped with tools to design a life of intention and purpose. 

livng with more intention 

Mindset is everything! I learned that I can be in a fixed mindset which gets me stuck in achieving my goals. I also learned that defining my core values is so important because it creates more clarity in my work/ home life.

changed her mindset 

Yes, It Really Works

I’m so grateful to Sarah for sharing with us tangible ways to make the most of our days. Being more productive and efficient with my time has helped make me a better and more present mom. Thank you, Sarah, for sharing with such love, kindness, and authenticity.

Inspiring and actionable 

weekly brain dump and reflection pages

seasonal pages to identify and work with your current season of life

monthly spreads to plan your month with confidence 

compact, sleek design for easy portability

flexible, Undated- 90 day planner- to meet you where you're at 

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"This is more than just a planner. It's a journal and a way to organize your life in one."