Weekly Non Negotiables

January 22, 2020

Non Negotiables are essential habits, activities or rhythms that allow you to show up as the best version of yourself. They go into your calendar first, demand respect and support your greater vision for your life.

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Design your week with Intention!

Design your week with Intention!

Let’s just get right down to it. There are many different ways that someone can view or define a non negotiable. There are even various ways to write the dang thing(to use the dash or not to use the dash?)

I am here to offer my personal view of what a non negotiable looks like in my life and how it supports me on a weekly basis to ensure that I am making progress towards the woman I want to become.

My definition of Non Negotiables is: the essential habits, activities or rhythms that allow you to show up as the best version of yourself. They go into your calendar first, demand respect and support your greater vision for your life.

Put another way, these are not the things that you put on your never-ending “to do” list and then get to them eventually. These are not the things that get done when you “feel” like it or get a sudden burst of motivation.

They are your guide posts. The things that remain in place and steady from week to week. The things that build your internal confidence and secure your integrity because you are being consistent and following through on the things that are the MOST IMPORTANT to you.

That all sounds fine and dandy, but right about now you are probably asking yourself, HOW do I know what they should be for me? I’m so glad you asked. 😉

Here are a few prompts to get the blood flowing that brainstorm on its way.

  1. Review your values and priorities.  

  2. Consider your current season of life.

  3. Picture the best version of yourself- what are they doing on a daily basis and what makes them so happy and fulfilled?

  4. Brain dump (One of my favorite things to do): What are the activities, habits or rhythms that will help you to BECOME that version of you?

  5. At the end of the week what are the things that will help you to feel successful, at peace and productive?

Honestly, I have written and re-written my non negotiables a few times. There is not ONE RIGHT WAY to go about this. The best advice I can give you is to take your time. Really sit with your answers to the above questions and think about what it is for YOU that feels right. I can tell you what my non negotiables are- and I will- but please don’t take that to be an end all-be all. And do not be afraid to start writing, experiment and then edit (another one of my favorite things to do)!

The goal is for you to create your framework for an AMAZING week. Only you can determine what that looks like. With that being said, I definitely know that having examples always helps me to get a better idea of what someone is talking about.

So here you go, my weekly Non Negotiables:

  1. Exercise

  2. Quality time with my hubby and kids (individually)

  3. Daily grounding time for myself

  4. Focused work time

  5. Weekly planning session

  6. REST

Hopefully that helps to get a little more perspective on the types of things that are ABSOLUTES. It can be tempting to add MANY more things to this list (hence the editing). But the way I see it, there is a big difference between something that is a non negotiable- not open to debate or discussion and something that would be nice to get done and at times feels very pressing.

Now it’s your turn! Download this free guide to determine your non negotiables and design your ideal week!

The reality is that we need to stand strong in our boundaries and focus FIRST on the things that we have determined to be of utmost importance- our non negotiables. The more we do this, then we will find that the unimportant things will slowly begin to drift away. The greater our vision and clarity around what is truly important to us, the less pulled in every direction we will feel. Quite the contrary, when you are focused and clear, you will feel peaceful and steady week after week.

I'm Sarah, a mom on a mission to simplify and create space in every area of my life. 

I help women clarify their priorities, optimize their energy and design rhythms that promote a healthy and consistent balance each and every day. 

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