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Goal Setting: Mindset

February 14, 2019

It is imperative to have our mind right when it comes to setting and ultimately accomplishing goals. Without first taking these steps to set the stage, our goals will feel lifeless and disconnected.

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Last week we talked about the 10 steps to setting and accomplishing a goal. That was the overview and now, I want to break it down even further to talk about the first half of the process which is all about mindset.

It is imperative to have our mind right when it comes to setting and ultimately accomplishing goals. Without first taking these steps to set the stage, our goals will feel lifeless and disconnected. It is hard to know what the right goal is for us to focus on in any given season of our life without first getting clear on what is important to us and what we value. When you walk through these first 4 steps, you will be better equipped to make decisions that suit both you and your life as a whole, when it comes to setting the right goals.

I want to start with some definitions. Often times, it is easy to get overloaded with all of the different words and terms used to describe living our life with intention. I know for me it is always helpful to be crystal clear when it comes to creating a plan of action to design my life. While it is helpful to be clear on the definitions of the words we use, I also think it is tempting to get caught up in trying to make every last goal or intention fit into a nice, neat box. Basically, read and review the definitions, then don’t overthink it and allow your creativity and authenticity to flow.

The reality is that we are all so different and the way we approach the goal setting process will look different. However, the overarching theme of getting your mindset straight first, then creating a specific plan of action is universal.

Dream- A cherished aspiration, ambition or ideal

Intention- An aim or a plan

Goal– An aim or a desired result

  • ongoing : cultivate habits/ routines/ personal characteristics

  • One time projects or event

**SBL: Simple Goals:

  1. Specific- time frame, result, measurable

  2. Aligned- values and season of life

Habit– A regular tendency or practice

Task– A piece of work to be done, a small and tangible action to take

Ritual: Series of actions performed according to a prescribed order

Routine: Sequence of actions regularly followed, a fixed program

Rhythm: Strong, regular and repeated pattern

Daily life gets very noisy and chaotic. Whether you work from home, out of the home or your job is taking care of the home and the kids, lots of “noise” happening. This is both physical noise as well as mental chatter from ourselves and all of our expectations for the day. At times, it can get pretty loud. This creates an environment where it is easy to get distracted and lose touch with ourselves. Lose touch with what truly lights us up and gives us energy.

This is why I suggest starting with some introspection time. Grab a journal, a pen and a HOT cup of coffee or tea. Block out a good chunk of time and know that you are doing both yourself and your family a favor by taking this time to gain clarity and connection with what it is that sets your soul on fire.

  1. Define your Core Values.

In order for us to be reconnected to the part of us that is passionate and on fire, it is important to take some time to devote to clarifying and defining your values. These values will then become our compass to know that we are heading in the right direction as we set out to tackle our goals. Everything will always come back to making sure that we are in alignment with our core values.

2. Cast a Vision.

Write down in detail who you want to be in five years. When you are able to paint a very clear picture of who this person is, how they look, speak, act and show up in the world, then you can reverse engineer goals that are aligned with both your values as well as the vision of the person you are aiming to be. Get creative and dream big. Stay positive and forward focused as you are writing about who you will be in five years.

3. Know your why.

Similar to your values, your WHY will be an anchor for you on this journey. When you feel lost or like maybe you are chasing the wrong goals, you can return to your why, the deep, intrinsic motivation that gets you out of bed in the morning and keeps you striving to be the best you that you can possibly be.

4. Embrace Progress not perfection.

This is important because when it comes to going after our goals, there will inevitably be times where we feel like we have failed. When in reality, we are simply on a journey that comes complete with ups-downs-twists and turns. When we are able to ditch the all or nothing mentality and focus on the 1% change and improvement everyday, that’s where the real magic happens.

So there you have it. The first steps to setting and accomplishing any goal can be summarized in one word: mindset. When you approach the process with an open mind and clarity of heart, you cannot go wrong. Coming up, I will dive into the how-to process of goal setting and goal crushing!

You cannot go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.

— C.S. Lewis

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