Superfood Energy Balls and Flexing my Creative Muscles

November 13, 2017

Two things two know about me right off the bat. I LOVE reading food blogs, trying out new recipes and lately I have shamelessly been posting pictures of my food! Ok that was three. With that being said, I decided it was about time to find a cozy little spot where I can go and […]

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Two things two know about me right off the bat. I LOVE reading food blogs, trying out new recipes and lately I have shamelessly been posting pictures of my food! Ok that was three. With that being said, I decided it was about time to find a cozy little spot where I can go and write about anything and everything that I am learning and excited about (usually food related in some way). 

Why should that matter to you? Well, maybe it doesn’t, but I am hoping it will resonate on some level. I do have a variety of interests and things that make me eager to grow and expand. That’s a good thing in my book, otherwise, wah-wah, kind of a boring life. 

 I say all that to say that when I have ideas and topics that are flooding my brain, I have to run to my phone to write the idea in my “ideas” section of my paperless post-list app (which is awesome by the way). Pretty much every single broad or specific topic comes back to and falls under the umbrella of Holistic Health. Including lots of new recipes and foods that I want to try out and create. 

super food balls recipe .JPG

Holistic Health. When I say that does it freak you out? Or maybe freak out is a bit strong. Does it make you roll your eyes and dismiss it as a buzzword that’s way too overused these days? To be honest, thats ok. Of course I care about YOU I am just making a conscious decision at the beginning of this journey- wherever it may lead- to be true to myself. And in general not think too hard about how I imagine, or assume people are going to react to something. 

I personally love the idea of Holistic Health, or WHOLE picture health. It conjures up images of a full, well rounded, happy and energetic version of myself. To me, it encompasses all areas and facets of a healthy lifestyle. Everything from personal growth to healthy recipes and moving your body in a way that makes sense for you. 

All things that I am literally busting at the seams to write about here and to share with you what I am learning! I wake up in the middle of the night (usually because my three year old is crying and we are sleep training her) but, when I’m up, inevitably I have to brain dump some floating thoughts into that trusty list so that my body can go back to sleep. Then I wake up when it is still dark out (with the same three year old- ugh, just a season of life right??) and I inevitably end up on my computer, unable to stop my fingers from hitting the keys with abandon. 

pre superfood balls.JPG

I am just so stinking excited to feel energized again and allow my creative juices to flow! And if I can help somebody along the way, to maybe step back and look at their health “puzzle” as I like to call it, to try and figure out the best way to put the pieces together and rearrange if needed, well then I will just feel like the luckiest girl in the world. 

That being said I want to share my recipe for my “Super food Energy Balls” The beauty of the oh so popular energy ball is that there are endless variations and they can be adapted to virtually any and all dietary restrictions or taste preference. They are super fast to make and even more convenient to grab for an on the go snack! 

The thing about these balls is that they often require a lot of sugar (even the more “healthy” honey or maple syrup) to hold them together. When I searched for protein-vegan low sugar energy balls I didn’t get too far. 

I have always been an avid recipe follower- like down to the last teaspoon. However lately, something has shifted. I am not sure what exactly, but I have a bit more confidence in my ability and understanding of what MIGHT taste good together. Key word might and the truth is that it can be scary trying to create something new. 

superfood balls mixed.JPG

Whether it’s a recipe, parenting or starting a business, creating something from scratch and not having a step by step to follow can be terrifying. When that thing I am creating is a new version of a recipe or a slight twist on it, the scary part is not knowing the outcome. I could make a huge mess in the kitchen with nothing to show for it except a finished product that has no place other than the trash. 

On the flip side, I just might create something that is so yummy and nourishing that I feel like a million bucks. Especially when my family actually eats said finished product and confirms it for me- with a nod or a “YUM”! It’s a pretty cool feeling. 

Slowly but surely I am becoming more adventurous in the kitchen. Back to the Energy balls. After wasting time searching pinterest and other blogs, I decided to whip out my food processor and give it a go on my own. 

The result, as far as I was concerned (and a thumbs up from my hubby) was good! A well rounded snack that satisfied my sweet tooth but did not leave me crashing a few minutes later, and also kept me full until the next meal. That’s a win if you ask me. 

I simply started getting out the ingredients that I wanted in a quick pick me up snack and played around with the measurements until the consistency was enough to create a ball. VOILA! 

Give it a try…and let me know what you think! 


superfood balls displayed.JPG

1 c Gluten Free Oats (I like Bobs Redmill) 

1/4 c Ground flax

3/4 c Almond or Peanut butter

1 Tbsp Cacao powder

1/4 c Chocolate protein powder ( I like Sunwarrior) 

2 tsp MCT oil

10-15 drops Liquid stevia

1/4 c Maca powder- *the SUPERFOOD*this powerhouse has so many benefits for the body including increased energy and overall hormonal health- check out this site for even more specific ways that Maca can help your bod! 

1/4 c Greens powder ( I use Amazing Grass, they have many different flavors and blends with specific benefits)*ALSO LOTS OF SUPERFOODS MIXED IN HERE*

1/4 c Shredded coconut

3-4 Dates(pitted) -depending on how sweet you want it 

1 tsp cinnamon

Enough water to hold it together: around 1/4 c plus 1-2 tsp

Put all ingredients into a food processor or blender and combine until it begins to form a cohesive “dough”. Add small amounts of water if you need more liquid to create the desired stickiness. Lastly, grab a small handful and roll them into balls. If you are super eager, like I usually am, go ahead and pop one or two into your mouth right away-they will be a bit mushy but still delish! Otherwise, you can store them in the fridge and even the freezer to keep them longer- not that they will last too long! 

I hope you enjoy these simple, delicious, on-the-go little balls of yumminess! I would love to hear from you, if you try this recipe and enjoy it, feel free to leave a comment. 

* A note on where to find the different powders and ingredients. I typically get the majority of my food from a few places.  For stores in your neighborhood: Trader Joes and Whole Foods. *For online: Thrive Market and AMAZON baby- you know you LOVE Amazon! 

Have an amazing day!



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