Smell The Roses: Simple Ways To Help You Live in the Moment

March 28, 2016

When was the last time you actually stopped to smell a rose, or any flower for that matter? If you are a mom of little ones maybe it was today when you were walking to the park and your kiddo picked you a flower- I love it when they do that! Maybe it was last week at […]

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When was the last time you actually stopped to smell a rose, or any flower for that matter? If you are a mom of little ones maybe it was today when you were walking to the park and your kiddo picked you a flower- I love it when they do that! Maybe it was last week at the farmers market, or just maybe you can’t remember the last time you actually STOPPED whatever it is that you were doing to smell a flower and enjoy the beauty of nature. 

These past few weeks have been rather challenging. I have had a nagging feeling of just being down in general. Granted, we do have a lot going on, but who doesn’t? If I am honest with myself I have been slacking big time when it comes to focus. Focus on anything really. Whatever it is that I am doing at that particular time I find my mind drifting in a million different directions and most of the time my physical self is trying to accomplish 20 things at the same time. I believe this has an immediate and direct affect on my mood. I feel overwhelmed and downright grumpy when Im all over the place!

Clearly this is not a unique problem and I know many people can relate. So how do we move in the direction of being more present and truly enjoying each moment? The following are a few suggestions on how to slow down enough to savor life; and ideas that I am working on integrating into each day. 

  • Look people in the eye when they are talking and truly listen to what they are saying.

I have a bad habit of looking over people’s heads or to the side when I am having a conversation and I have caught myself doing it numerous times! First, this is not encouraging to the other person, but also a sign that I am not fully there. My thoughts and eyes are wandering.

When I make a conscious effort to listen to what they are saying and take time to consider it, I feel much more engaged overall. This is so important when it comes to kids. It is scarily easy for me to breeze through a day of talking AT my kids and quickly dismissing them to get to the next activity. When I bend down to their eye level and allow them to finish a full thought, I can see a visible change in their demeanor, an air of confidence. 


  • Sit down to eat and do your best to limit distractions during meals. 

This one may be a bit more challenging, but I believe worth the effort! Although I am definitely guilty of the classic “Stand up” breakfast- and lunch on some days: I find that in addition to barely tasting what I am eating, I miss so many moments when I could have spent time with the people I love or even enjoyed a peaceful moment to myself with no noise at all!  It is tempting to quickly scroll through social media or have a show on in the background while I am having a snack, however the day goes by in a flash and it is those small opportunities that add up to create a feeling of being full and satisfied. 


Roses are red, violets are blue, but these are all roses so who cares about the violet thing?
  • Write a TO DO list and make a clear plan for the day.

This helps in the sense that you can rid your brain of all the things you need and want to accomplish on any given day. Once you have those ideas down on paper you can create a plan as to how you will tackle each task. I love making lists! I need a concrete reminder of my goals and plans for the day. In addition, this allows me to get an idea of how long I would like to spend on certain things, like writing this blog for instance:-)

I have become very passionate about writing and learning about the blogging world, and at the same time I am beginning to realize the need for structure and a plan when it comes to quiet time to work on it. If I am trying to write a post when my kids are running around and wanting to play, clearly that doesn’t work! I end up getting angry with them AND either not writing anything at all or something not very good! Sticking to a plan and doing one thing at a time, and DOING IT WELL is the way to go in my book! 


For me it is way too easy to go on auto-pilot and simply make it through another day. I know for a fact having that mindset is not doing me or those I love any favors! I am all about simple and DOABLE ways to slowly change my daily habits. When something feels too big or overwhelming I don’t even attempt it. On the contrary, when I can see tangible results and take practical steps toward a happier life, you better believe I’m all for it!  I am excited to see the benefits of a more focused and present ME! 


The next time I see a rose, you better believe I will stop, bend down, and take a minute (or two)  to fully smell the aroma and admire the beauty it has to offer. Enjoying the moment we are in is one of the most difficult ideas to put into practice, but when executed properly it is truly one of the most rewarding! 



It has been an eventful week! Uncle David came to visit and he is SUPER UNCLE! seriously everyone should have one just like him! We also hosted a few friends for Easter and had a BLAST. Looking forward to Spring Break coming up and some quality family time, with no real plans or places to be!! 🙂


This is what I like to call “SARAH’S CHILI” because after so many different recipes and attempts at making a family friendly/healthy dish, I finally found just the right combo to make a killer chili in the crockpot! 

Our family usually tops the chili with a scoop of low fat plain greek yogurt (instead of sour cream); and a generous amount of cheese:-) From time to time we will throw some sliced avocado on top for extra flavor! 

Click the picture to view the recipe

The 2 Minute Egg Sandwich is not necessarily a brand new concept, however this is my take on it! Super easy, fast and DELICIOUS!! 

This Pear Waffle is a breakfast creation that is close to my heart! It is pretty much all I craved with my second pregnancy and I probably ate two of them close to every morning! 

Here is to a healthy, happy, and present week! 

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