A Simply Big Life

August 17, 2018

What is A Simply Big Life? This is kind of a trick question, because there is not one right answer to what a simply big life means. It will look and feel different to every single person reading this. 

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What is A Simply Big Life? This is kind of a trick question, because there is not one right answer to what a simply big life means. It will look and feel different to every single person reading this. 

That’s the exciting thing about it. You get to create your own version of your best life. 

I have found over the past few years, going through my own personal journey from chaos to peace, that we truly are the designer of our own life.

All too often I see women forfeiting that superpower. Giving into the notion that with a family, bills, and a career comes restriction and the loss of who we once were.

To keep it real, life surely changes when we decide to have a family. However, I am so passionate about the idea that our life is ours to create and design. As we step into our new roles, we also have the ability to learn more and grow more than ever before.

I believe there is absolutely room for your kids, your job, your home, your marriage, your friends, and YOU- your passions. We truly can have it all. The trick is to decide what is most important to us. What does having it all mean to you?

Identifying your core values is an important starting point and piece of the puzzle. Zeroing in on what matters most to you will help you to get clear on where you want to go and what you want to accomplish in this one, precious life. Think of your values as your true north. When you get off track, always come back to the essence of who you are and take action accordingly.

Looking back over the past five years there have been a few themes and patterns which have emerged. That is how I arrived at the 3 Pillars of a Simply Big Life: 1. Nourish 2. Edit 3. Create.

In a nutshell these are the steps that I took to get to where I am at today, not perfect, but always growing and certainly more present, peaceful and intentional with each and every day.

I always come back to the holistic view of health and success. With each of the 3 Pillars it is important to look at the categories of physical, mental and emotional in order to see the whole picture.


Here is a brief overview of the 3 Pillars.

First, we must nourish ourselves. It is absolutely the truth that we cannot pour from an empty cup! I don’t care how many times you have heard it, it is an essential part of creating the life you envision. If we don’t take care of us, how in the world can we take care of anyone else? While the physical aspect of nourishment is extremely important, the mental and emotional components are equally as imperative to pay attention to and cultivate.

The second pillar is Edit. After we take care of our needs and feel replenished, we are able to see more clearly which elements of our current reality are not serving us. This is where we need to pull the lens back and take an honest look at what might be distracting or blocking us from creating the life of our dreams. Once again, taking the holistic view, we must focus on physical, mental and emotional clutter. Decluttering our physical space does wonders for our situation, but if we are not equally as diligent about clearing out our mental and emotional blocks, we will remain stuck.


Finally, once you are nourished and have cleared out all possible distractions, it is time to create. This is where the real fun begins. We are all powerful women, with many strengths and the ability to accomplish more than we could ever imagine. It is time to stop selling ourselves short and start dreaming big. When you feel at peace with the flow of your life, it is much easier to pull back the lens and see the big picture of what your life can be. This is the space and time when you will create rhythms and systems that will support your lifestyle and encourage peace and simplicity. A mindset of abundance will be yours, when the focus shifts from doing all the things all the time, to doing the important things that matter most to you.

I believe every woman has unique dreams and visions and the ability to create A Simply Big Life she loves. Sometimes it is hard to see the big picture through the daily tasks and sometimes, the monotony of a life unobserved. A very important aspect of this design is having a community of supportive and like minded women to walk through the journey with. While we are all different, have specific needs and situations, at the core we are human. We all have the desire to connect and to be seen and heard. I know I did and still do. The more I find my voice and listen to my intuition, the bigger and better this beautiful life becomes. I want the same for you and every other woman out there.

I look forward to what the future holds.

The goal is to simplify the days to get back to the business of designing the life of your dreams

— Sarah Dalton

I'm Sarah, a mom on a mission to simplify and create space in every area of my life. 

I help women clarify their priorities, optimize their energy and design rhythms that promote a healthy and consistent balance each and every day. 

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